Thursday, November 19, 2009

Berry Napoleon

frozen prepared puff pastry~ 1 box
whole milk~ 3 cups
sugar~ 1 cup
flour~ 1/3 cup
butter (room temperature)~ 1 stick
cornstarch~ 2 tablespoons
vanilla beans~ 2 each
egg yolks~ 10 each
heavy whipping cream whipped to med-stiff peaks
*heat oven to 400°F
* on a lightly floured surface:  cut pastry sheets into squares and roll out slightly. transfer onto a baking sheet  bake for 15 mins or until browned and puffy.
* in a large saucepan: combine eggs yolks and sugar whisking continually add in flour and cornstarch. cut vanilla beans in half lengthwise, scrape out the seeds into the mixture and whisk well. slowly whisk in the milk until completely combined.
* on stovetop: heat milk mixture  gently bring to a small bubble boil for 1 minute take it off the heat.  add butter and mix until melted into cream. refrigerate until completely cool.  culinary note: pastry cream will be thick. this can be made the day before.
* using a serrated knife: cut pastry sheet squares into three even parts. (lengthwise).
* with a small spoon: spread a thick layer of cream filling on bottom piece of pastry sheet, place fresh berries on cream.  stack middle piece of pastry square on top of berries and cream. spread layer of cream and apply top pastry square. 
* when ready to serve: whip cream and pipe on top of dessert cover with berries and sprinke with powdered sugar.

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