Monday, November 16, 2009

Winter Squash Lasagna

winter squash/ pumpkin~ 2 cups
vegetable stock~ 2 cups 
sausage any variety (not the links)~ 1 1/2 #
small diced onion~ 1 med
minced garlic~ 2 tablespoons
red wine~ 3/4 cup
*can use water or stock*
diced tomato~ canned12 oz or fresh 2 cups 
bachamel sauce or alfredo sauce~ 3-4 cups 
(depends on how saucy you like it)
*can use bottled sauce for short cut* 
ricotta Cheese~ 16 oz
fresh mozzarella Cheese~ 16 oz
shredded gruyere or parmesan~ 8 oz
eggs~ 2 each
fresh herbs of choice~ parsley, basil, oregano, sage, thyme (finely chopped)
oven ready lasagna noodles~ 12 oz box 
 *in saute pan: saute sausage, onion and garlic until brown. deglaze pan with red wine and allow to reduce
* in saucepan on med heat: whisk together squash puree & stock until thoroughly combined and heated. fold in tomatoes and remove from heat
*in med saucepan on low heat: slowly heat bachamel or alfredo sauce
*in med bowl: combined ricotta, 8 oz mozzarella, 4 oz gruyere, eggs and fresh herbs
*in 8x13 baking dish: spread a layer of squash mixture into bottom of baking dish. place single layer of noodles over sauce. cover noodles with sausage mixture. ladle bachamel over sausage reserving some for the top. place second layer of noodles. cover noodles with ricotta mixture. ladle the rest of squash mixture over ricotta. place final layer of noodles. ladle remaining bachamel over noodles then cover with remaining cheese. allow to sit for 30 mins then bake for 55-65 mins. allow to rest for 20 mins after removing from oven allowing lasagna to "set-up"

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