Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Incredible Winter squash and Pumpkin Recipes

Winter squash is in season! Winter squash can be confusing & many ask how to prepare it? Hopefully I can help!
There are several varieties to choose from. Each have a slightly different flavor and texture.
For the following recipes I would suggest using one or more of the following: Butternut, Acorn, Sunshine, Hubbard, Sweetmeat, Buttercup, Pie Pumpkin.
How to prepare Squash: Roast or bake Whole squash on 375 for 40-60 mins. Depending on size. Remove and allow to cool until touchable. Peal off outer layer, cut in half, scoop out seeds careful to leave as much pulp as possible. Puree with food mill or smash w/ potato masher. Can make as smooth or chunky as you would like. Can be stored in plastic container and refrigerated for 5 days.

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